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The First Rides, Part Deux

As I indicated near the end of my last trail building post (Pythagoras of Samos), I decided that before I finish hatching a plan for the uphill section I should really ride the first eight turns in both directions to determine if my recently modified turns are truly rideable in both directions and, if so, if the larger radius turns are easier or harder to climb than the smaller radius turns. So, after a few days off, I raked the leaves off the trail (it’s not benched yet, so I need all the traction I can get) and I rode the first eight turns in both directions.

Devastatingly, I couldn’t ride a single turn uphill 🙁  For the last several months I’ve really been spending the vast majority of my free time working on my trail, to the exclusion of riding. So perhaps my fitness is just lacking. Trying to ride up the turns on my singlespeed probably doesn’t help either, although I am primarily a singlespeeder these days and the intent is to have a trail that can be ridden on a singlespeed in either direction. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have a geared mountain bike, although I do have an old Merlin XLM that is currently set up as a singlespeed but that I’ve been planning to convert back to a geared bike for some time now. I guess there’s no time like the present. It will be good to have a geared mountain bike for my Ride 365 goal anyway. Stay tuned for The First Rides, Part  III.

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