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Marked and Cleared

Major milestone. I have now marked and cleared the entire first section of trail. 🙂

GPS screenshot

GPS screenshot of first trail section

Although I can’t ride it yet since I haven’t done anything to the trail tread (not even raked it) yet, I did walk the path while tracking the route on my iPhone using the MotionX-GPS app. As you can see in the screenshot here, the path is 0.21 miles long, with (not shown here) 68′ of descent and 31′ of ascent. All of that seems consistent with my goal of having 3/4 miles of trail with 200′ of climbing per loop. This first section of trail is in an area that probably comprises 40% of our property, and I can add more trail between the house (the blue arrow basically) and the start of the trail segment that I’ve been working on thus far. Now all I have to do is clean up all of the slash I’ve created, pull up a small forest of poison oak, and rake the trail. Then I’ll finally be ready to ride this first section to test the flow before working on the actual trail tread. 🙂

P.S. The turns in the screenshot look much more angular than they actually are, and it looks like the GPS didn’t properly track at least a small section in the upper right where the path appears to double back on itself.

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