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First Flags

This will be a relatively short post because I don’t have much to report save for one very fun milestone. I finally started flagging the trail! It makes the project feel so much more real. 🙂

I probably only placed about a dozen flags (flagging tape on tree branches) because I’m doing lots of tree pruning as I go, but it’s great to finally start to mark my trail. Unfortunately, much of the pruning that I’m doing is still for fire safety, rather then just clearing the trail corridor. As I prune the trees, I’m dragging the slash uphill to a place where it can be chipped or burned.

I also pulled up enough poison oak to fill a large leaf bag. I figure about 100 more bags should do it. 😳 More about the poison oak later. For now, it’s back to clearing and dragging for the foreseeable future.

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