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F___ You, Fence!

Before I can even get to the many steps mentioned in my first trail building post, And So It Begins, it’s time to take the old fence down to open up the property. Friggin’ old fence has been a pain in my butt for years, so this will be cathartic. Technically, I’m just taking about half of it down, about 200 linear feet, because we’re going to use the other half to help contain the sheep. It’s an old ranch-style wooden fence that wasn’t built with pressure treated wood and also wasn’t mounted to anchors to keep the untreated posts dry.

more fence coming down

fence coming down 🙂

They just put the untreated posts into holes, poured concrete, and waited for them to rot. Enter my wife and I a couple of decades later and every year I’ve had to replace nails with screws and add support cables to keep the old fence posts vertical long enough for us to be able to afford to fence in the entire property. To keep their dogs in, one of the previous owners also decided to cover the whole fence in chicken wire. But apparently that didn’t work, so they covered the bottom section with a second layer of chicken wire and inserted sections of rebar through the chicken wire and into the ground. Little did I realize that they had inserted rebar every 12 – 18″. Seriously.

former fence

wood stacked (weeks later)

So I pull the first layer of chicken wire off the fence and roll it up in sections that are more or less manageable in size. Then the second layer of chicken wire, and roll it up. Then I remove all of the screws that I added over the years. Then, here comes the fun part… I knock it the fuck down with a sledgehammer. Damn that felt good. Over the coming weeks, the wood will be neatly stacked so it can later be used to build trail features. 😊 In the meantime, I’m just going to leave the fence pieces more or less where they fell, except for all of the ones that I can’t leave in the driveway. Lastly, I have to remove every single nail so our dogs won’t hurt themselves. Eye roll but, hey, they’re my children.

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