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Dialing in the Flow

After using the method described in my previous trail building post (Putting the O in Omega) to modify three or four turns, I thought I should test the flow before putting in any more effort on additional turns. So I hopped on my rigid singlespeed and rode the trail segment I’ve been working on. It was much better. 🙂

trail helpers

Two of my three trail helpers. They’re great at moving dirt, just not where I tell them to. :-/

This first section of trail I’m building is just about 1/4 mile long and you can literally count the turns on your fingers (unless you’re missing some fingers). It has ten turns and by turns I basically mean 180 degree turns, so that doesn’t count the gently sweeping arc of all of the grade reversals or any other minor changes of direction. So, with only three or four turns done, I still have several more turns to modify before I’m done with the whole trail segment. Unfortunately, that’s probably a slightly optimistic assessment. I kind of got a little lazy (or even lazier) when I was mapping out the last two turns (at least) so it’s possible that the last section will have to be completely rerouted and, in the process, two turns may become several. We’ll see.

I’m in somewhat of a self-imposed time crunch to get this section rideable because I’ve set this crazy goal of riding every day in 2017 (see Ride 365). That goal will be easier if I have a trail right here at home that I can ride at least some of the time. While it’s obscenely dry here in northern California for much of the year (epic drought, duh), we’re fortunately getting some rain at this time of year and the soil is pretty close to perfect for riding. So, in the short term at least, I may not have to do much benching in order to be able to ride my trail. That would be awesome.

I might actually be able to pull this off by the end of the month. I’m getting pretty excited. 🙂

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