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Choosing Your Battles

Although there are lots of steps involved in building a mountain bike trail on your own property (see my first trail building post, And So It Begins), fortunately they don’t all have to be completed in a linear fashion. Which is great, because who has that kind of patience, right?! The biggest shortcut to actual riding is of course to focus on one trail segment first rather than the entire thing.

trail building research

trail building research

By leaving part of the old fence in place and adding some additional temporary fencing, we were able to sequester the sheep to the west side. Yes, sheep. Just five. Groucho, Chico, Harpo, Zeppo and Karl. How will I prevent the sheep from trashing my trail? I have no friggin’ idea as of yet. But I digress.

Although I hope/plan to be able to ride the trail in both directions for variety, it seemed natural to start with the eastern section primarily because it’s the first section (in my mental vision) after leaving the house. Starting with the east side was also convenient because the sheep were (mostly) sequestered to the western portion of the property.

Now that I’ve cut my short-term work load by 60% by focusing on just the first section of the trail, it’s time for some trail design research. Thank you IMBA for your trail building book. Thank you Sierra Nevada Brewing Company for your beer. 🙂

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