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Welcome to the second step of the Shut Up. Ride. Repeat!™ training regimen. As mentioned in the previous posts, the primary steps can be summarized by:

  1. Shut Up.
  2. Ride.
  3. Repeat!

So, today we’ll just be discussing “Ride.” Some of you eager beavers may already be jumping ahead and asking questions such as:

  • Ride what?
  • Ride where?
  • How far?
  • How fast?

or, even worse:

  • What should my cadence be?
  • What should my heart rate be?
  • What should my VO2 max be?
  • What if my bike is broken?
  • What is the meaning of life?

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, then you need to go back and review step one: Shut Up.

Nonetheless, purely as an intellectual exercise, let’s discuss some of these fateful questions. After all, it’s not enough to keep your body in shape. Your mind must be chiseled as well. And it’s not like you’re really going to stop reading and ride right now anyway.

  • Ride what? A bike, duh.
  • Ride where? Anywhere. The journey is the destination.
  • How far? As far as you can.
  • How fast? As fast as you can.
  • What should my cadence be? Somewhere between zero and two hundred.
  • What should my heart rate be? Resting, 42. Riding, only slightly higher.
  • What should my VO2 max be? Shut Up.
  • What if my bike is broken? Fix it, dumb ass.
  • What is the meaning of life? 42.

Now that we’ve sharpened the ol’ noggin’ a little, it’s time to get to it.

Ride. Just f___ing ride. 🙄 The journey is the destination. The destination is the journey. Ride, and the answers to all of your questions will become clear, my young Padawan.

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  • Troll Doll January 14, 2017, 2:22 pm

    I have a question. What if all the factors you have covered in this blog are in place except I am missing my motive? I have opportunity: perfectly tuned bikes hanging from the pegs in my toy shed, time to ride even, but I just don’t feel like it. I’m not feeling the force, the force of will to throw my leg over the saddle and just pedal. What am I to do? “Shut up” isn’t cutting it….Please help me Master!

    • Keith January 14, 2017, 8:24 pm

      Hi Troll! Fair question. However, based on your “perfectly tuned bikes” remark, I’m guessing that you have lots of great riding memories that you can use as motivation. Sometimes, the motivation only comes (back) with riding. Admittedly, that is somewhat of a Catch 22 situation. When that happens, you just have to take it on faith and go ride your bike. Shut Up. Ride. Repeat!

      P.S. Your Star Wars references are not lost on me, my young Padawan.

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