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Welcome to the third step of the Shut Up. Ride. Repeat!™ training regimen. Congratulations on making it this far! As mentioned in the previous posts, the primary steps can be summarized by:

  1. Shut Up.
  2. Ride.
  3. Repeat!

So, today we’ll just be discussing “Repeat!”

If you search the interwebs for “shut up and ride” you will get many results (Tip: I think they call them “hits” in interweb speak). However, all these hits 🙄 fall short because they leave out the vital third step. There is good reason why this is the only step with an exclamation point! This step is where the Shut Up. Ride. Repeat!™ training regimen really kicks into gear, baby!

If you only complete the first two steps (Shut Up. and Ride.), that’s not really a training regimen. So, we’ve established that it’s necessary to repeat. Good. I’m glad we’re all on the same page.

However, the frequency is also important here. For example, if you only complete the first two steps (Shut Up. and Ride.) weekly, that wouldn’t be much of a training regimen either, would it? No, no, and no.

Some of you are wondering—yes, I can hear you thinking—if it’s okay to ride just two or three times per week. After all, three times per week is still pretty good and it’s much better than just once per week, right? Wrong. Back to step one with you. Shut Up. I do the thinking around here. You just lurk in the comments section, remember?

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Frequency. Thanks.

Look, I know you. You’re not that different from me. You’re not very good at doing something two or three times per week. You tell yourself that you won’t ride today for whatever reason—insert whiny voice here—and that it’s okay because it’s still early in the week so you’ve still got plenty of time to get those three rides in. Then tomorrow it rains. And the day after that you have “commitments” that you can’t break. 🙄 Do you hear yourself? Do you see what you’re doing? You’re undermining your training regimen. There are no short cuts. Although there are plenty of reasons not to ride, there can be no excuses.

Every day you must Shut Up.

Every day you must Ride.

Every day you must Repeat! Every day you must Repeat! 😉

Why are you still reading? Shut Up. Ride. Repeat!

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