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Vacay (Week 3)

fresh snow above Walker Lake

fresh snow above Walker Lake

Vacay, definitely not stay-cay. Time to take a little vacation from the rain. Go on holiday as the Brits say. My wife and I and our three boxers are hitching up the trailer and headed to the desert southwest. The first couple rides of the week will just be more of the same here at home, but then I should have a nice change of scenery to share. But first we have to get everything cleaned and packed and then haulΒ the trailer up and over the Sierras before the next storm arrives mid-week. πŸ™‚

Death Valley altitude


Rides of Week 3

DateLocationDistanceAscent (day / total / avg)BikeBuddies/Notes
Jan 15, 2017Cool, CA9.29 miles1,227' / 19,503' / 1,300'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedsolo, pavement, dry but cold, fixed shoe w/ zip ties for now. 😜
Jan 16, 2017Cool, CA8.68 miles1,206' / 20,709' / 1,294'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedsolo, pavement, dry, cold
Jan 17, 2017Walker Lake, NV4.91 miles382' / 21,091' / 1,240' Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedgot a late start leaving home, so just did a few miles around the campground in the dark & cold
Jan 18, 2017Death Valley, CA4.07 miles204' / 21,295' / 1,183'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedanother short and dark ride around campgrounds, but warmer
Jan 19, 2017Death Valley, CA10.09 miles1,027' / 22,322' / 1,174Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeed8 miles pavement, 2 miles on Echo Canyon jeep road, shorts & short sleeves πŸ™‚
Jan 20, 2017Death Valley, CA3.24 miles0' πŸ™ / 22,322' / 1,116'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedEcho Canyon jeep road, light rain
Jan 21, 2017Shoshone, CA10.08 miles579' / 22,901' / 1,090'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedpavement, shorts & short sleeves πŸ™‚
Total50.36 miles (week) / 188.79 (total)4,625' (week) / 22,901' (total)
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