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The Hole I Dug (Week 17)

Here’s a graphical representation of the hole I dug myself into. This shows the number of vertical feet of climbing that I am below where I should be in order to reach my goal of climbing 100 vertical miles over the course of the year. Essentially, I spent the first two months of the year digging a huge hole and the next two months very slowly climbing out of the hole. Although I’m making progress, it looks like it will take me the better part of the year to climb all the way out of the hole. But it’s still possible.

Rides of Week 17

DateLocationDistanceAscent (day / total / avg)BikeBuddies/Notes
Apr 23 (day 113)Auburn, CA11.57 miles2,406' / 138,063' / 1,221'Spot Rocker SS 27.5+26 vertical miles
Apr 24 (day 114)Cool, CA9.98 miles1,177' / 139,240' / 1,221'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedpavement, cloudy & cool
Apr 25 (day 115)Auburn, CA11.01 miles2,345' / 141,585' / 1,231'Spot Rocker SS 27.5+crashed and put the first scratch on the Rocker
Apr 26 (day 116)Cool, CA9.96 miles1,291' / 142,876' / 1,231'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedpavement, rainy & windy, 27 vertical miles
Apr 27 (day 117)Cool, CA9.98 miles1,286' / 144,162' / 1,232'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedpavement, sun, no rain in 15-day forecast 🙂
Apr 28 (day 118)Auburn, CA12.71 miles2,625' / 146,787' / 1,243'Spot Rocker SS 27.5+classic route from Russell Road trailhead
Apr 29 (day 119)Cool, CA9.93 miles1,243' / 148,030' / 1,243'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedpavement, sun, 28 vertical miles
Total75.14 miles (week) / 1,121.54 (total)12,373' (week) / 148,030' (total)
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