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Spot On! (Week 13)

I’ve been wanting a Spot Rocker SS 27.5+ for quite a while and finally just pulled the trigger. So, finally, the Bike column in my weekly ride tables will have a little variety. 😉 Originally, I was planning on converting my old Merlin XLM back to a geared bike but I ran into some minor wrinkles (as reported in my Rejuvenation post) and never finished the conversion. Now, after almost three months of daily riding on just a fully rigid singlespeed, I’m toying with the idea of trying to do the entire year in one gear. With its front suspension and huge tires, the Spot is way overkill for pavement so I’ll probably use the Cannondale for pavement and the Spot for dirt.

Rides of Week 13

DateLocationDistanceAscent (day / total / avg)BikeBuddies/Notes
Mar 26 (day 85)Cool, CA9.58 miles1,222' / 90,462' / 1,064'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedpavement, cloudy
Mar 27 (day 86)Auburn, CA11.38 miles2,514' / 92,976' / 1,081'Spot Rocker SS 27.5+17 vertical miles and climbing
Mar 28 (day 87)Cool, CA9.56 miles1,208' / 94,184' / 1,082'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedpavement, sun
Mar 29 (day 88)Cronan Ranch, Pilot Hill, CA9.92 miles1,444' / 95,628' / 1,086'Spot Rocker SS 27.5+w/ Mike B, Michael S and Martin, 18 vertical miles
Mar 30 (day 89)Cool, CA9.57 miles1,240' / 96,868' / 1,088'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedpavement, partly sunny, windy
Mar 31 (day 90)Auburn, CA11.40 miles2,362' / 99,230' / 1,102'Spot Rocker SS 27.5+solo, classic loop of dirt road, singletrack, and a little pavement
Apr 1 (day 91)Cool, CA9.57 miles1,245' / 100,475' / 1,104'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedpavement, sun, 19 vertical miles
Total70.98 miles (week) / 813.84 (total)11,235' (week) / 100,475' (total)
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