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Atmospheric River (Week 2)

“Atmospheric River” isn’t really a term that you want to see in the weather forecast when you’ve made a commitment to ride your bike every day. 🙄 At least it’s a warm rain (so far). The following quote is from weatherwest.com:

One-two (three?) atmospheric river punch will deliver copious precipitation

A series of extremely moist Pacific storm systems will take aim at California this week. The first of these is already bringing increasingly heavy rain (and mountain snow) along with gusty winds to much of northern California. … The second storm is (by far) the one of greatest concern, as it will take the form a moisture-laden and slow-moving atmospheric river. While the details with this second system are still somewhat uncertain, virtually all numerical forecast models are painting a very broad area of extremely high precipitation totals over the next 6-7 days across the entire Sierra Nevada mountain chain…

Sounds like it’s going to be a challenging week of riding. We’re getting so much rain that I’ll need to stick to pavement for the foreseeable future too. Riding trails anytime soon would be too harsh on the trails.

All data below was collected by my Garmin Edge 20 (highly recommended). BTW, some of you might be asking yourself what’s the point of including the bike in the table if it’s always the same bike. Fair question. 😉 It wasn’t intended to be the same bike every day. I have a second singlespeed mountain bike, a Merlin XLM, that I’ve been intending to convert back to a geared bike but the process hasn’t gone very smoothly. See my Rejuvenation post for details. I also have a crappy old road bike but that undoubtedly needs even more work than the Merlin.

Rides of Week 2

DateLocationDistanceAscent (day / total / avg)BikeBuddies/Notes
Jan 8, 2017Cool, CA8.5 miles875' / 9,965' / 1,245'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedsolo, pavement, hard rain, wettest day yet
Jan 9, 2017Cool, CA10.88 miles1,544' / 11,509' / 1,278'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedsolo, pavement, break in the rain
Jan 10, 2017Cool, CA8.56 miles1,184' / 12,693' / 1,269'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedsolo, pavement, steady rain & wind
Jan 11, 2017Cool, CA11.84 miles1,612' / 14,305' / 1,300'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedsolo, pavement, break in the rain, cold, carpal tunnel bothering me 🙁
Jan 12, 2017Cool, CA9.33 miles1,246' / 15,551' / 1,296'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedsolo, pavement, light rain
Jan 13, 2017Cool, CA11.3 miles1,520' / 17,071' / 1,313'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedsolo, pavement, sun 🌞
Jan 14, 2017Cool, CA9.68 miles1,205' / 18,276' / 1,305'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedsolo, pavement, sun, but sole of shoe coming off (see pic below)
Total70.09 miles (week) / 138.43 (total)9,186' (week) / 18,276' (total)

broken shoe

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