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Alabama, Hills that is (Week 6)

Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, CA

Alabama Hills near Lone Pine, CA

Swimming pools, movie stars. No, no, no. Alabama Hills, not Beverly Hills. So not many swimming pools but, as it turns out, lots of movie stars over the years. The Alabama Hills are a very cool area on the east side of the Sierras just outside the town of Lone Pine, CA. Over 400 movies have been shot there. Mount Whitney, the highest peak in the contiguous 48 states, looms above. On our way home now, we headed there after a few more days near Shoshone to avoid some more inclement weather.

Rides of Week 6

DateLocationDistanceAscent (day / total / avg)BikeBuddies/Notes
Feb 5 (day 36)Shoshone, CA6.45 miles279' / 29,944' / 831'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedFurnace Creek Wash Road again
Feb 6 (day 37)Shoshone, CA2.64 miles186' / 30,130' / 814'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeeddesert jeep road, rode 1.3 miles, flatted, had to walk back
Feb 7 (day 38)Shoshone, CA3.27 miles115' / 30,245' / 795'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedanother flat, another walk. Grrrr.
Feb 8 (day 39)Lone Pine, CA9.31 miles142' / 30,387' / 779'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedHwy 395 into Lone Pine and back. No flat! 🙂
Feb 9 (day 40)Lone Pine, CA4.78 miles243' / 30,630' / 765'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedout and back on a trail that starts at trailhead for Arch Loop Trail
Feb 10 (day 41)Lone Pine, CA3.69 miles464' / 31,094' / 758'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedArch Loop Trail to Eye of Alabama (?) trail
Feb 11 (day 42)Lone Pine, CA3.78 miles503' / 31,597' / 752'Cannondale Trail SL 29 singlespeedArch Loop Trail to Eye of Alabama (?) trail again
Total33.92 miles (week) / 328.31 (total)1,932' (week) / 31,597' (total)
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