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100 Vertical Miles

As long as I’m riding 365 days in a row, why not add a total ascent goal? One hundred vertical miles sounds like a nice round number. Let’s see:

5,280 feet per mile x 100 miles = 528,000 feet

528,000 feet / 52 weeks = 10,154 feet per week

528,000 feet / 365 days = 1,447 feet per day

Hmmm. That’s actually do-able. Although, nine days in I’m already behind (I’ve climbed 11,509 feet in 9 days = almost 1,279 feet per day) but the year is still very young so I have lots of time to catch up. 😜

So, I’ve added total ascent and average daily ascent to my tables of daily rides to help me catch up and then (hopefully) stay caught up.

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