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Singlespeed Bikes

No, I don’t think most, if any, of Cheap Bikes’ visitors are primarily interested in buying a singlespeed. To be honest, I created this page just for me. 🙂 That said, singlespeed bikes are very reliable, lightweight, and are even relatively cheap bikes due to the lack of gearing. So, if you’re looking for those qualities in a mountain bike and think you might be able to live without the gears, considering a single-speed bike could make a lot of sense.

single speed hub

single speed hub

To me, there’s something exceptionally alluring about single speed bikes. I think a large part of it is the desire, after more than four decades of cycling, to not have my rides completely waylaid or even slightly distracted by mechanical concerns. When I speak of mechanical concerns in this context I’m not just referring to the fact that singlespeed bikes are less likely to suffer from maintenance issues, which is true, but also that I literally don’t want to be concerned about the mechanics of the bike. For example, on a geared bike an experienced rider is accustomed to changing gears before reaching the top or bottom of a climb in preparation for what’s to come. However, mental energy spent on such details, no matter how seemingly trivial, can actually detract from the pure bliss of a bike ride. For me, to ride a singlespeed is to return to the pure cycling that I did when I was a kid, before most bikes ever had gears. Just get on the bike and ride.

Because single speed bikes don’t have derailleurs or other spring-loaded chain tensioners, they need some way to adjust the chain tension. The primary means for doing this are horizontal dropouts, with a secondary approach being eccentric bottom brackets. Horizontal dropouts simply allow the rear wheel to move forward or backward and eccentric bottom brackets allow the bottom bracket (the “axle” around which the cranks and pedals rotate) to move forward or backward. In either case, the tension of the chain can be adjusted to accommodate the lack of derailleur or spring-loaded chain tensioners.

Below are some great singlespeeds. Enjoy the simplicity. 🙂

In order to find the best price for any of the bikes in our recommended bike tables below, just click the name of the bike. That should open a pop-up window with additional information. (If clicking the name of the bike doesn’t open a pop-up window, please submit a comment on the Contact Us page telling us which page and which bike and we’ll get it fixed ASAP. Thanks!). In the pop-up window, click on the Comparison tab to see recommended retailers and their current prices. Please refer to Cheap Bikes’ Price Categories for a more detailed explanation of what the number of dollar signs means.

The Best Singlespeeds ($ – $$$ Cheap to Moderately Cheap Bikes)

Product NameWheel SizeFront Suspension TravelPriceComments
Charge Bikes Cooker 027.5+"zero (rigid fork)$1099Steel frame
Spot Rocker 27.5+ Single Speed27.5+"120 mm$3199Super strong steel frame, belt drive, and top quality components. The holy grail of durability and low maintenance.

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