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What the heck is a hardtail?

A hardtail is simply any bike that doesn’t have any rear suspension. Hardtail mountain bikes can be further subdivided into several categories by gears (multiple vs. one), front suspension (some vs. none), wheel size (26, 27.5, or 29), tire size (fat vs. not), etc.

Here at Cheap Bikes we feature three categories of hardtail mountain bikes: cross-country hardtailssinglespeeds, and fat bikes. The first two categories are differentiated by the number of gears, obviously. The third category, fat bikes, is differentiated by very wide (i.e., fat) tires. Fat bikes are a relatively new type of bike and, due to the enormous amount of float provided by the wide tires, they excel on loose material such as sand and even on certain types of snow.

For recommendations of hardtail mountain bikes please refer to the pages for cross-country hardtailssinglespeeds, or fat bikes.

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