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All-Mountain Bikes

All-Mountain bikes are also referred to as enduro mountain bikes. The term enduro comes from the world of mountain bike racing and refers to a competition that has timed downhill stages and untimed uphill stages. Therefore, these bikes are designed with long and technical descents in mind but are still capable of being pedaled up hills. All-Mountain bikes will generally have more cushy suspension than trail bikes, but will also generally be heavier as a result. For a more detailed comparison of trail bikes and all-mountain bikes, see Trail Bikes vs. All Mountain Bikes.

In order to find the best price for any of the bikes in our recommended bike tables below, just click the name of the bike. That should open a pop-up window with additional information. (If clicking the name of the bike doesn’t open a pop-up window, please submit a comment on the Contact Us page telling us which page and which bike and we’ll get it fixed ASAP. Thanks!). In the pop-up window, click on the Comparison tab to see recommended retailers and their current prices. Please refer to Cheap Bikes’ Price Categories for a more detailed explanation of what the number of dollar signs means.

The Best All-Mountain Bikes ($ Very Cheap Bikes)

Product NameWheel SizeSuspension TravelPrice
Diamondback Release 1 27.527.5"150 mm$2499
Diamondback Mission 1 27.527.5"160 mm$2599
Orbea Occam AM H3027.5"140 mm$2899

The Best All-Mountain Bikes ($$ Cheap Bikes)

Product NameWheel SizeSuspension TravelPrice
Cannondale Trigger Alloy 4 27.527.5"140 mm$2999
Orbea Rallon X3027.5"160 mm$2999
GHOST SLAMR X 5 27.527.5"150 mm$3299

The Best All-Mountain Bikes ($$$ Moderately Cheap Bikes)

Product NameWheel SizeSuspension TravelPrice
Diamondback Release 2 27.527.5"150 mm$3499
Diamondback Mission 2 27.527.5"160 mm$3499
Cannondale Jekyll Alloy 3 27.527.5"160 mm$3599
Diamondback Release 3 27.527.5"150 mm$3899

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