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Welcome to Cheap Bikes!

Rock OnCheap Bikes is a recognition, if not a celebration, of the fact that good bikes don’t have to be expensive.

Two of my personal frustrations when trying to find the right bike at the right price were 1) the plethora of reviews out there for bikes that are no longer available and 2) the lack of any comprehensive feature and price comparison. I believe that Cheap Bikes solves both of these problems by consolidating up-to-the-minute information from the most reputable online retailers.

Allow me to clarify one thing right off the bat. We’re not talking about cheaply made bikes here. What I really mean by cheap is relatively inexpensive. If you want a cheaply made bike, just drive down to the nearest big box store. What I’m trying to do here is to help educate you about bike types and features and then help steer you toward reputable brands from reputable retailers who offer good prices.

Bikes can get crazy expensive. For example, as I write this Jenson USA (one of our recommended retailers) has eight mountain bikes that retail for over $8,000. Those are not cheap bikes! They are awesome bikes, but their prices put them well beyond the reach of most people. Furthermore, although expensive bikes are fun, they’re definitely not necessary. Above a certain price point, I’d argue that there is a diminishing return for each additional dollar spent.

So, what does relatively inexpensive mean? To me it means the following two things:

1) The bikes represent an excellent value (good quality for a reasonable price), and
2) You’re obviously not going to pay top dollar for any of these bikes.

If you know what type of bike you’re looking for but aren’t sure which make and model, check out the appropriate section (e.g., Mountain Bikes, Road Bikes, or Hybrid Bikes and Specialty Bikes) for some guidance.

If you’re not sure what type of bike is best for you, read How to Choose the Best Bike For You.

Good luck with your search for a great bike at a great price!